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On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

Specializing in the Dallas, Ft. Worth, and North Texas Areas


Drug Testing For Employers Who Require a Drug-Free Workplace

Providing Department of Transportation (DOT) Required Drug & Alcohol Testing

Personal and Family Drug and Alcohol Testing, Including Teen Drug Testing   

For more than 20 years we have provided on-site drug 

and alcohol testing solutions for DFW area Employers.                                         

Our Trained and Certified Staff Will Provide Your Business with Professional On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing Services. 

Straight-Forward Pricing with no extra charges for random selections, wait time, travel time, or other add-on charges.

Our Services are Always Provided with the Highest Level of Confidentiality. 

For personal or family drug and/or alcohol testing you will NEVER be required to:

                                        Pay for an office call

                                        See a doctor

                                        Complete a medical history, or answer personal questions

                                         List your medications

We do not keep any  files or personal information concerning the people whom we test.

After-Hours testing is also available including post-accident & reasonable suspicion

What Professional Services Can We Provide?

·          On-Site Drug Testing,

                Department of Transportation Testing (DOT drug and alcohol testing)

                   Non-DOT Testing (Testing your employees, individuals, court ordered) 

                   Hair Drug Testing (Detects drugs for up to the previous 3 months)

                   Instant Drug Tests using a 5-Minute Drug Test For Up to 10 Drugs

                   Instant Drug Tests for K-2 Spice/ Synthetic Cannabinoids

                   Laboratory Testing for Synthetic Designer Drugs such as K-2, Salvinorin A & B, Kratom, Cathinone,     
             Methcathinone, Mephedrone & MDPV.   (Your Drug Testing center for teens.)

·          Breath Alcohol Testing With DOT Approved Instruments 

·          Certified Professional Drug Collectors        

·          Certified Breath Alcohol Technicians

·          DHHS Certified Laboratories & Certified Medical Review Officer Services (Required by DOT)

·          After Hours 24/7 On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing Services


                    Reasonable Suspicion

                    Individuals Wanting Drug Testing Services

                    Worker's Compensation Testing

                    All Company Policy Testing including Pre-employment, Follow-up, Return-to-Duty, and Random     

·          DOT Drug Collector and Instructor Training and Certification

·          DOT Approved Breath Alcohol Technician and Instructor Training and Certifications

·          DOT Approved Breath Alcohol Testing Instruments

·          DOT  Supervisor Training

·          Random Selection Program (No extra charge for our customers)

If you Do Not want to take your employees "off their jobs" and send or take them to a  testing site, then please consider:

The Advantages of On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing

·          No wait time at off-site facilities....Employees will not have to Sit and Wait To Be Tested

·          Increases productivity, NO TRAVEL TIME 

·          Saves Money by returning employees to their jobs with less time lost                       

·          No need for supervisors to drive and wait with employees at off-site facilities for an alcohol or drug test

·          Keeps employees on the job until their time to be tested

·          Reduces employer’s liability for employee accident away from the   job site

·          Improves management’s control of employees’ activities 

·          Confidential and Familiar environment for employees


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Our Trained and Certified Staff Provides Drug and/or Alcohol Testing for Pre-employment, Random, Reasonable Suspicion, Post Accident, Return To Duty, Follow-Up, Court Ordered, High School Proms Alcohol Testing, School Students, Probation, and much more.

Many Employers like the speed and convenience of our less expensive optional instant drug testing that tests for up to 10 drugs and can provide a result in as little as 5 minutes.

 We provide these services at the employer’s site, and we are in compliance with

 all Federal and State Regulations. 

         We can also provide customized drug and alcohol testing and/or training programs to meet your company's needs.

 You can count on our experience and expertise.

     On-Site Drug Testing Collections

Breath Alcohol Testing

Increased Productivity with NO Wait Time

No Travel Time or Liability for Possible Travel Accidents



 972-985-9738  or  contact@drugtestdfw.com